Blog Post #001 – A Warm Welcome

Life in General

Hello and welcome to my first ever blog post on my new website. I want to offer complete transparency and admit that at this moment I am unsure of what direction this blog will take. I am a pending architectural student hoping to study architecture at a UK university come the autumn of 2020 so I feel that I will have an architectural theme running through my blogging activity. I wish to share my experiences of attending university and of course studying architecture. I have heard lots of good things about studying architecture but these have been coupled with the warnings of constant all-nighters and extreme sleep deprivation, dreaded crits where the work you have slaved over is ripped up and the non-existence of any kind of social life. 

I have no idea to what extent these warnings hold any truth however, I will let you know in 6 months when I get stuck into my first year of architecture school. I severely hope that this will not be the case and I will enjoy my university years. 

I have utilised the website that this blog resides within as an outlet to display the work that I have completed in the form of a portfolio and I hope to expand upon the finished elements that will be seen in that portfolio. This might be in the form of talking about how and why certain things that I constructed came to fruition. A blog post may be a collection of images from a specific trip that I have made, perhaps to a particular city renowned for its architecture and art and open a dialogue of my experiences whilst visiting. Another kind of post may have a slightly more personal touch with a discussion on my experiences around certain things going in my life such as current events, education, social life etc. 

I hope that you will join me on this journey into the architecture world as well as the big, wide world. 

Let’s see how it goes! 

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