Blog Post #002 – The Pandemic Effect

Life in General

I have started this blog in strange and turbulent times which is affecting everyone globally in different ways. The COVID-19 pandemic is sweeping the world and at the time of writing 1,121,973 people are infected and there have 59,403 deaths globally. It has had an unprecedented effect on everyone with flights being grounded, schools shutting their doors and the general public are working from home if possible. These measures are to help limit the spread of the virus and help protect the health services from reaching an over saturation of people requiring medical support. I hope you will join me in thanking all the ‘key workers’ out there who are working tirelessly to allow the country to continue to tick along. 

I am sitting at my desk writing this blog post whilst in lockdown and going a bit crazy I think! Due to government advice, the schools have been shut and the May exams have been cancelled. I was in my last year of studying the International Baccalaureate and preparing myself for a stressful couple of months of information cramming and now that has all been thrown in the air. I feel for all students out there in a similar position as myself experiencing this level of uncertainty in how our grades will be awarded. I have been maintaining the mentality that there is very little that we can influence so it is best to keep it at the back of mind and concentrate on the ‘controllables’ rather than the ‘uncontrollables’.

A word of advice for those that are looking to study architecture and have now come into what seems like an infinite supply of time is to use it wisely. Read up on your favourite architects or that building you saw, practice your drawing or watch some architecture-related TV, Grand Designs comes to mind as I know I am trying to do more of these things. 

I hope that we will come out of these perplexing times stronger than before, with a newfound sense of community and appreciate the privileges that exist within our lives. 

Keep well and safe in these strange times. 

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