Blog Post #007 – Photography Explained #1


Welcome to the first of a series of blog posts titled Photography Explained. In these blog posts, I will take the time to expand on collections of photographs taken by myself. These photographs may be present in my portfolio and these further explanations will allow for a greater understanding for the reasons behind each of those photos. 

In this first edition of Photography Explained, I will be exploring images that were geared towards displaying in my final year art exhibition. This particular exhibition contained artwork that has been completed over my two years in sixth form and was held in an art gallery in Margate, Kent and was opened to the public for viewing. This was an enriching and worthwhile experience for me. 

Throughout my exhibition ran this overarching idea that oneself must avoid being bogged down in everyday life and take time to notice the ‘finer details’ in their surroundings. When one decides to seek these details out, only then will hidden beauty reveal itself. I felt that a way to express this ideology to the audience of my artwork would be to portray my own experience of this exercise. 

To achieve this I set aside some time and explored a local town near me and looked deeper than I normally would to discover the beauty that has eluded me. Below are the 6 images that I chose from a host of additional photographs taken across different trips. 

The 6 chosen images above were photographs that I felt were examples of the ‘finer details’ that I had set out to find. The arrangement above is how this particular photography collection was displayed in my exhibition. The organisation decisions were in my view very important as it allowed the collection of photographs to rest easy on the eyes. I grouped the photographs depending on specific elements found in each of the photos. For example, the two images to the left both contain bold, straight lines, the middle two images have a focus on symmetry and the two images on the right accommodate sweeping curves. This allowed for a subtle structure to the arrangement which in turn elevated the piece. 

I enjoyed the exercise of seeking out the ‘finer details’ in our surroundings and I feel that the 6 photographs above showcase my thinking nicely. I hope that the deeper dive on my thought processes behind some of my photography allowed for some further clarity. I think that the idea of taking time to slow down and reflect has been forced to the forefront in recent times in the most surreal of circumstances. However, I believe that we can use this time as an opportunity to do just this and that we, as a planet, will reach a new level of appreciation for our surroundings and the people in them.

I look forward to writing my next edition of Photography Explained. 

See you next Monday for another blog post. 


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