Episode #001 – Inception: Introductions, Bucket List and Arguments

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Welcome to the show notes for Discussed It, a podcast where myself, Herbie Hudson and my co-host Hayden Day discuss a little about a lot. Read ahead for a written breakdown of each podcast episode, photos, links and bonus content that didn’t make the cut for the podcast. Happy reading and if you want to check out the podcast where myself and Hayden Day discuss a little about a lot, follow the links below. 

You can listen by clicking play above or by searching Discussed It Inception on your favourite podcast players such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Deezer and many more.

This is the first-ever show notes blog post for my new podcast, Discussed It. I hope that the show notes will add that further layer of communication between the two of us and our listeners by providing additional information but I’m sure it won’t beat listening to us chat away first hand. We hope that you enjoy listening and will consider subscribing and making the Discussed It podcast a part of your weekly routine. 

Within this episode, we:

  •  Introduce ourselves and give some background on the conception of the podcast.  
  • Discuss our ambitions and compare life bucket lists.
  • Partake in the first-ever Weekly Round-up.
  • and much more…

Topic 1 – Introductions 

Sometimes introductions can be rather awkward, like that random stranger you met last week that you’ll never meet again. But us British are always so polite, a shake of the hand and some kind words and off we go. Thankfully, me and Hayden’s introductions did not fall in this category. We started the episode by allowing our listeners to get to know us a little bit more by giving some background information, our aspirations and goals and an explanation as to why we have started this podcast. 

We discussed some of our life plans and where we see ourselves heading in the next few years and looking further, perhaps 10-20 years down the line. 

I feel that at this moment the “the plan is to become an accredited architect, but it is a long and bumpy road so I shall allow my situation to take control” and in the future I see myself “running my own firm, working for myself” perhaps. 

Hayden has some similar plans but he highlighted that he doesn’t “know where I want to be specifically but I want to be in a position where I am being creative and not have the same 9-5 every day” and is keeping his options open by suggesting these jobs, “an architect, a graphic designer or an art teacher at school”

We also discussed why we had chosen architecture as a university course and some ideas of what we might do at university to take time away from the intense work and de-stress. 

I am confident in my choice of course because I believe it is “a good course and quite diverse, you can take it to lots of places”. What I mean by this is that I believe that the skills that are taught and learnt during architecture school are massively transferrable to many job sectors. These skills include organisation, time management, good design practice and effective communication. 

In terms of activities outside of university work, we both agreed that sport is high up on priorities but I was keen to state that I “don’t want to be too serious about the sport, just use it as a social outlet”

Hayden had a similar view on this subject and expressed an interest in “badminton but I don’t know if I will make any teams”, as well as to “Play cricket…find a village team..a mess around”

We then touched on the subject of podcasts and what has prompted us to start our own. We both like to listen to podcasts and I see them as an effective form of content release which allows you to multitask whilst absorbing information almost subconsciously. 

I enjoy listening to a range of podcasts such as “My Dad Wrote A Porno”“Life Of An Architect” and “I listen to some of True Geordie because of the people, but I don’t listen to it religiously”

This was a direct contrast to Hayden who says that he is a religious listener of the True Geordie podcast and has been since the early days he always said that “there’s a nice music podcast which I listen to called Dissect, which is a short form analysis of albums and songs which is quite nice”. This makes sense as Hayden is a huge music fan and enjoys creating his own beats, such as the jingle for this very podcast. 

I have put links to all of the aforementioned podcasts below if you fancy a listen to any of them. I highly recommend all of them, but only after listening to ours! 

My Dad Wrote A Porno: 


Life Of An Architect: 


True Geordie: 


Dissect Podcast: 


Topic 2 – Life Bucket List 

Expanding upon our introductions we decided to dive into our life bucket lists for the first proper discussion topic on the Discussed It podcast. Below I will briefly outline the points of discussion and if you want to hear our more detailed discussion then head straight over to your favourite streaming service (Spotify, Apple Music etc.) and start listening or click the link below. 

I struggled with how broad this particular topic because it is so broad but I managed to narrow them down to just 5, here are mine: 

  1. A road trip of some kind, perhaps across Europe or the US 
  2. To visit and dive the Great Barrier Reef 
  3. To train for and complete a marathon, most probably the London Marathon
  4. To write and publish a book of some kind 
  5. To become an expert of some kind but not sure what area, perhaps architecture

And here is Hayden’s life bucket list, hearing us chat about our might nudge you to create your own. We would love to hear what you have down on your bucket list! 

  1.  A physical feat of some kind, maybe a marathon
  2.  To hit a century in a game of cricket 
  3.  Visit 50 countries 
  4.  To master the piano and the guitar 
  5. Design and build my own house 

The Weekly Round-Up 

I feel that it would be wise to offer some explanation for this segment which will become a recurring section of the podcast each week, or at least we think it will be. The general idea is that every week, each of us will choose three words that best sum up that week trying to be as honest as possible and then will explain the reasoning behind the selection of the words. The chosen three words will be kept secret from the other person until recording which we hope will allow for some interesting conversation. 

Let’s see how both mine and Hayden’s weeks went. I will provide our words but if you want any explanations then you’ll have to give our podcast a listen. Especially Hayden’s explanation as to why Naked was one of his words of the week! 

My three words of the week were: 

  1. Toasted 
  2. Uneventful 
  3. Apprehensive 

And Hayden’s words of the week were: 

  1. Biking 
  2.  Accommodation 
  3. Naked 

Topic 3 – The 100 Most Pointless Arguments In The World 

For this particular segment, Hayden randomly selects a page from the book: The 100 Most Pointless Arguments in the World. This book was written by Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman, presenters of the BBC TV show Pointless. I then flip a coin and whoever wins selected what side of the argument they wish to take and has just 1 minute to argue their points and vice versa for the other person. 

I have included the link for this particular book below if you fancy checking it out for yourself. 

The 100 Most Pointless Arguments: 

In this particular edition, the selected argument was: Is it acceptable to dump someone over text? 

I lost the coin toss and had to take the side that ‘it is not acceptable’ and Hayden took the counterargument. If you want to find out the details about our debate regarding this particular subject then follow the link below to listen to our first episode. 

‘Thing’ Of The Week

Not dissimilar to The Weekly Roundup, we are thinking that this will also be a recurring segment of the show. In this section of the podcast, each of us will choose their favourite thing that we have seen over the week. This could be absolutely anything ranging from a product, food, architect etc. that has stuck in our minds. Most probably our ‘thing’ of the week will be utterly useless to yourself, but you never know. 

This week Hayden’s Thing Of The Week was: 

“Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares” 

It sounds as though Hayden likes how “brutally honest” Gordon Ramsay is and “thinks he is really horrible and it makes me laugh”. I can’t say I don’t disagree with him, I think his shows are hilarious. 

Hayden enlightened us on his fondest memory of the show as I am sure there are so many moments to choose from! 

“My favourite is when he is speaking to an owner…he doesn’t pay his staff..and he calls him you pompous fuck’, that’s one of my favourite quotes” 

In all Hayden highly recommends you check out the show if you haven’t already and perhaps you’ll enjoy it as much as Hayden does. Follow the link below to find all the episodes: 

Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares: 


Moving on, my Thing Of The Week:

“My thing of the week is Concorde”  

“I have been reading a book…it is Jonathan Glancey’s Concorde: The Rise And Fall Of The Supersonic Airliner”. This is a book that I will mention in a future blog post titled my Summer Reading List and I have enjoyed the read. It is a little heavy going with the technical language and names and figures but it gives you a sense of appreciation of the work, time and money that went into such an iconic project like this one. 

I’ve put a link to this specific book below, I would recommend checking it out if you have an appreciation of engineering or simply interested to learn more about such an iconic British piece of history. 

Concorde: The Rise And Fall Of The Supersonic Airline 

I describe the aircraft displayed above on the book cover as “an object of beauty” which I stand by, I think that aesthetically it is miles ahead of the typical commercial aircraft of today and the fact that is it functional beauty that is borne out of necessity as the aircraft had to be hugely aerodynamic to allow it to go faster than the speed of sound. 

Concorde Factfile: 

  • Has a cruising speed of 1,350mph – more than twice the speed of sound 
  • The fastest transatlantic crossing took just 2hrs 52mins and 59secs 
  • A joint venture involving both the French and the British governments 

Hayden made the comment that it “looked a bit rocket-like” in which I replied that it “looks a bit like a hawk” thanks to “the nose slanted downwards”. 

The story behind the slanted nose is an interesting one. The main reason behind this is that the flight crew couldn’t see the runway in the nose-up position so when coming in to land the nose would need to be lowered. However, during its high-speed flight, the nose and window would be in the up position which allows the jet to maintain its aerodynamic shape which allows for supersonic flight. The aircraft and the story behind it is one that I have enjoyed finding out more about this rather incredible venture which is the first and sadly the last commercial supersonic aircraft. 

Thank you for taking the time to read through the first-ever show notes, for the first-ever podcast episode. If you want to reach us on Twitter, it’s @discusseditpod or for any of those longer queries shoot us an email at discusseditpodcast@gmail.com. And if you start listening today then you can honestly say that you have been here since day one!

Cheers to exciting times, happy listening! 

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