Blog Post #011 – Starting A Podcast

Architecture School, Life in General, Podcast

I thought I would pen my thoughts about some of the new and exciting developments in my life at the moment. Whilst stuck in lockdown I have been determined to try and remain motivated and productive, now that I have been granted this gift of time.

One of the first projects that I embarked on early on in this lockdown period was the development of the website you’re reading this blog post on. The genesis of has been at the back of mind over the last couple of years and I am pleased that it is now looking like it does now and it is starting to fill up with content.

The second project and the subject of this particular blog post is the creation of a brand new podcast that is co-hosted between myself and good friend Hayden Day. We have spoken about the possibility of starting a podcast in the past and I think we have got to the point where we have some time to concentrate on making this both look and sound good. Well, we hope so anyway, we’ve only uploaded two episodes at the time of writing this blog post.

I am really excited about this opportunity and I think that podcasting is a new and exciting realm of content release that is most definitely on the upwards curve in terms of popularity. I see it as a way to improve a host of skills such as writing, communication, networking, production, presenting and many more.

Before I ramble on anymore I’m sure you want to hear about what this podcast actually is. So, welcome to the Discussed It podcast. We started this podcast as a way to fuel our creative personalities and we hope to discuss a host of topics within our podcast episodes. These topics do not follow a set pattern and we want to be able to discuss anything and everything. However, I think as we are both pending architecture students some areas of discussion will lean towards architecture organically. We also hope to have some exciting guests on the show with us and we see this as an opportunity to grow our networking web and to get to know people we never would have the opportunity to without this podcast.

We have decided to release an episode weekly and will be available to listen to every Sunday morning, perfect for some casual listening on a lazy day. We recognise that these time pressures could become strenuous especially when we start university. However, we believe that this is a good way to concentrate our energy and could lead us to exciting opportunities.

We would love it if you would take the time to have a listen to our podcast. If you do fancy it I have included links to the podcast below.

Happy listening everyone and cheers to exciting lockdown projects.

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