Blog Post #012 – My Favourite Architectural Podcasts

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Sticking with the theme of podcasts which was the topic of last week’s blog post I have decided to collate five of my favourite architectural podcasts. All of these have had a hand in opening my eyes to the world of podcasts and have pushed me to create my own. If you want to check that out, follow the links below. 

Some of the following podcasts are purely focused towards architecture whereas others look towards the arts in general and certain episodes are focused primarily on architecture. Naturally, I tend to gravitate towards those episodes that involve architecture but I often make a conscious decision to broaden my horizons and understanding by listening to episodes from other areas of the arts. 

Links to each podcast will be included if you fancy checking them out yourself and see whether you enjoy them as much as I have. The links will be to the podcasts on Spotify, if you use a different podcast player simply type the name into that player. With further ado, let’s get started. 

1 – Life of an Architect Podcast 

This is a podcast that I have enjoyed for some time now. The founder, Bob Borson is well-known for his architectural blog known as Life of an Architect, which has become one of the world’s most popular.

At the time of writing, he has just published his 50th podcast episode and I am not ashamed to say that I have listened and re-listened to each of these episodes. Some of the episodes are not wholly useful for myself as I am yet to start architecture school. However, it is broadening my understanding as the podcast tackles a host of subjects from ‘Starting Your Own Architecture Firm’ to breaking down ‘A Survivor’s Guide to Architecture School’. He also carries out interviews with professionals from within the world of architecture. 

Highly recommend giving it a go. 

2 – Face to Face 

This is one of those podcasts that attacks the arts as a whole, rather than just architecture. This is Dezeen’s podcast series called Face to Face, which is hosted by Marcus Fairs. Marcus Fairs is the founder and editor-in-chief of Dezeen, one of the most popular digital design magazines in the world. 

Within the podcast series, he interviews some of the biggest names in architecture and design which includes episodes involving Es Delvin, Thomas Heatherwick and David Chipperfield. I enjoyed getting to know more about these people that I had heard of but knew very little about. 

Well edited and very professional, definitely worth a listen. 

3 – The Successful Archi Student’s Podcast 

This is a podcast run by Kyle Sinko, the founder of the SuccessfulArchiStudent brand which entails a website, Youtube channel and podcast. Through these outlets, he is creating a community for architecture students to come together and learn. 

I am inspired by what he is doing and it has helped me formulate this website and ultimately this very blog post in a way. The episodes are made up of the audio from his YouTube podcast series so you can have the choice of going to his YouTube channel or the popular podcast players such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts. 

This is s podcast much more focused towards architecture students which is why it is slightly more relatable for me. 

4 – Time Sensitive Podcast 

This is another one of those podcasts that had a wider subject spectrum rather than just architecture. The Time Sensitive Podcast interviews people from business, the arts, and beyond. Co-hosted by Spencer Bailey and Andrew Zuckerman who upload a weekly episode involving a guest that has caused a profound impact in their respective field. 

Many interesting people are interviewed within this podcast series, but the person that drew me to this podcast was Bjarke Ingels. The interview with the world-renowned Danish architect captivated my attention and has led me to listen to more of their episodes. 

A podcast episode for everyone within the Time Sensitive Podcast regardless of interests.  

5 – The Student Podcast 

This podcast is set up similarly to that of The Successful Archi Student’s Podcast in the way that it is simply the audio from Thomas Rowntree’s podcast series that can be found on his YouTube channel. 

Thomas is an architecture student that is finishing up his first three years at architecture school in the UK. His content is mostly centred around his experiences both as an architecture student and being a university student as a whole. His honesty is refreshing and gives an insight into the world of architecture school. His podcast series is a mixture between just him speaking about certain topics and then interviews / co-hosted episodes with guests. 

For any university student/ architecture student it is definitely worth checking out. 

So there we have it, my top 5 architectural podcasts. Some are new additions and I am sure others will come along. These 5 are just a drop in the ocean in terms of the volume of architecture relevant podcasts but are the ones that have brought the most interest and enjoyment to me. 

Who knows you might enjoy some of them too and if not see if you can find a podcast for you. I’m sure there’s one out there just perfect for you. 

Happy listening! 

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