Episode #005 – Oliver Pritchard: GB Triathlete Interview

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Welcome to the show notes for Discussed It, a podcast where myself, Herbie Hudson and my co-host Hayden Day discuss a little about a lot. Read ahead for a written breakdown of each podcast episode, photos, links and bonus content that didn’t make the cut for the podcast. Happy reading and if you want to check out the podcast where myself and Hayden Day discuss a little about a lot, follow the links below. 

You can listen by clicking play above or by searching Discussed It Inception on your favourite podcast players such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Deezer and many more. 

Welcome to the show notes for the third episode of the Discussed It podcast. We are very excited to invite our second guest onto our podcast, Oliver Pritchard. Oliver is a profoundly deaf athlete who is seeing great success in his sport – triathlon. He competes internationally with Great Britain and is going from strength to strength. As a deaf person and budding triathlete myself, I was looking forward to this conversation and I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I did. 

We will also be finishing off the show with our ‘Thing’ of the Week, where Oliver will be letting us know what ‘Thing’ he has found interesting and exciting and is happy to share with Hayden and I. Make sure you stick around for that!

Within this episode, we:

  • Talk to Oliver Pritchard, a profoundly deaf athlete who is seeing great success in his sport – triathlon
  • Discuss our ‘Thing Of The Week’
  • and much more…

Below I have outlined the general gist of the questions that we put over to Oliver to answer, throughout the episode we go slightly off-piste with the conversation but we tried to allow for a chronological narrative that works through Oliver’s journey to date and then looking forward to the future. 

If you fancy finding out what Oliver’s insightful and interesting comments in reply to these questions then head over to this podcast episode and give it a listen. You won’t regret it! We go off on quite a few tangents in this week’s discussion so to hear answers to those bonus questions that arose go and give the episode a listen. 

  1. Would you be able to tell us a bit more about yourself, where you’re from and what is that you do?  
  2. Let’s go right back to the start, what were your first encounters with sport growing up and what effect has this had on you going forward? 
  3. Were there any individuals that motivated you to get active? 
  4. Moving on from the earlier days, what made you look towards triathlon which brings together a number of disciplines rather than just focusing on one? 
  5. You studied at Cirencester’s Royal Agricultural University. How did you find studying at university and how did you balance your academic studies and training? 
  6. It was during these years that you managed to find your way into the GB squad. Can you tell us more about how this opportunity arose and how it has affected you?
  7. Motivation is so important to be able to compete at the very highest level, how do you keep yourself motivated and hungry for that end goal? 
  8. It is a difficult time to remain positive at the moment due to the restrictions but do you think anything beneficial has come from this period of slowing down? 
  9. You completed the London2Paris 24hr cycle raising money for the NDCS (National Deaf Children’s Society). Do you have any plans for another endeavour like this one?
  10. I know that you have this mantra ‘it’s abilities, not disabilities’, would you be able to expand further on what you mean by this?
  11. What do you do to relax outside of training? Can it be a struggle to get that balance?
  12. It seems as though that even on your holidays you remain active. Would you prefer an active holiday like skiing above a week lounging by the pool?  
  13. Staying with the topic of holidays I was wondering if you could give us your top three destinations and why you chose them? 
  14. What would you say is your greatest achievement so far? 
  15. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Is a professional triathlete something you aspire to become?
  16. Is there a particular sporting event that is high up on your bucket list? The Kona World Championships has been something that has always interested me but I have a way to go before I get there! 
  17. How would you like to be remembered? 
  18. So Ollie, if people want to follow your journey or get in touch, where can they find you? 

‘Thing’ Of The Week

As I am sure you know by now within this section of the podcast each of us will choose their favourite thing that we have seen over the week. This could be absolutely anything ranging from a product, food, architect etc. that has stuck in our minds. Most probably our ‘thing’ of the week will be utterly useless to yourself, but you never know. To change it up this week we have Kyle joining us for this particular segment. Read ahead to see what the three of us come up with and see whether you would be interested in any of them. 

To kick off the proceedings I will reveal Oliver’s ‘Thing Of The Week’. He chose to give us two ‘Things Of The Week’. The first was ‘Carpentry’. He then explained that he’s been doing some work with a carpenter and feels that he has learnt some invaluable skills during this experience. His second ‘Thing Of The Week’ was an Instagram page that he has had a big part in setting up. This page is called @silentspeedsters and the idea behind it is to create an online community for deaf people all around the world to come together and have a place to communicate and connect. The Instagram page bio reads: 


An upcoming sports club, with deaf individuals in mind.

Our dream is to create a community easy to find.

I like this idea and I will get involved with this as it can be challenging trying to find deaf individuals to have a chat with. I have included the link below for you to check that out. 


Moving on, my ‘Thing Of The Week’ was a podcast that I have been listening to a lot recently. And that is “the Joe Rogan Podcast” and over the last week I have listened to over 5 hours worth of Elon Musk on the Joe Rogan Podcast and it has opened my mind up to what is possible and allowed me to learn more about Musk and what he is like. I also listened to some of Brian Cox’s episodes as well as Neil deGrassse Tyson which are both cool people. Highly recommend checking those out, I will include the links below. But make sure you give this episode a listen before heading over there. 


And to finish off this week’s ‘Thing Of The Week’ segment we have Hayden Day. Hayden’s ‘Thing’ was in fact “Brownies” and this stemmed from the fact that Hayden had made some during the week and felt as though he had perfected the recipe. If you do fancy making some brownies I have included a link below, happy cooking. 


From this, we go off on a discussion about nutrition in triathlon which was an interesting one and is some bonus content that sits outside the main body of discussion. 

And, that wraps our fifth episode featuring our second guest. Hayden and I thoroughly enjoyed having Oliver on the show and we look forward to having him back on to see how he’s getting on further down the line and see how he is doing in the world of triathlon. Unfortunately due to COVID races have been cancelled but we hope that he can get back to competitive racing as soon as possible. 

I hope that the show notes have provided a further layer of communication between the two of us and you, our listeners, by providing additional information, but I’m sure it won’t beat listening to us chat away first hand. We hope that you enjoyed listening and will consider subscribing and making the Discussed It podcast a part of your weekly routine. 

Happy listening, everyone! 

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