Episode #006 – Anchorman: SpaceX, Stongehenge & Premier League Returns

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Welcome to the show notes for Discussed It, a podcast where myself, Herbie Hudson and my co-host Hayden Day discuss a little about a lot. Read ahead for a written breakdown of each podcast episode, photos, links and bonus content that didn’t make the cut for the podcast. Happy reading and if you want to check out the podcast where myself and Hayden Day discuss a little about a lot, follow the links below. 

You can listen by clicking play above or by searching Discussed It Inception on your favourite podcast players such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Deezer and many more. 

Welcome back to the sixth edition of the show notes for our brand new podcast. I am excited to return this week with both these show notes and the podcast episode. I hope that the show notes will add that further layer of communication between the two of us and our listeners by providing additional information but I’m sure it won’t beat listening to us chat away first hand. We hope that you enjoy listening and will consider subscribing and making the Discussed It podcast a part of your weekly routine. 

Within this episode, we:

  • Analyse and discuss a select few recent news stories 
  • Reveal our ‘Thing’ Of The Week
  • And much more…

Topic 1 – The News 

This week we decided to embark on a conversation about a few newsworthy stories from the past few weeks. We have broken down today’s discussion into three categories: Tech News, Sporting News and Discovery News. 

To kick off the proceedings Hayden chose Tech News and the story for that particular category was Elon Musk’s SpaceX launch

Before the recording, both of us had completed some research into the three news stories and we brought our findings to the table which made for a rather insightful discussion. 

Within these show notes, I will provide some background information for each of the stories but I highly recommend you checking out the episode for much more information. Give the link below a click to get to find all the episodes. 

Background Info: 

The launch of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon crew capsule from Florida’s Kennedy Space Centre to the ISS marked the first time since 2011 that humans went off into orbit from US soil. Equally significant, Elon Musk’s company SpaceX has become the first commercial operator to carry astronauts into space. As has become common practice for SpaceX, the aforementioned Falcon rocket booster returned to Earth after the first-stage separation and landed successfully on a recovery ship in the Atlantic for use on a future mission. 

The second category chosen was Sporting News and we discussed the restart of top-flight football in the UK – the Premier League

Background Info: 

After a 100-day absence due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Premier League has returned. Aston Villa vs Sheffield United kicked off the proceedings with the game ending in a 0 – 0 draw. This game is the first of 92 league games packed into 40 days before the season concludes on the 26th July. The obvious difference is the lack of any crowds at the games due to measures put in place to tackle the pandemic. The delaying of Euro 2020 by a year provides the Premier League with greater flexibility to fit in fixtures.

And finally, the third category was Discovery News and the story was a circle of deep shafts found close to Stonehenge

Background Info: 

The Neolithic people who constructed Stonehenge had also dug a series of shafts aligned to form a circle spanning 1.2 miles in diameter and the site sits only 1.9 miles northeast of Stonehenge. The structure appears to be a boundary guiding people to a scared area because Durrington Walls, a monument similar to Stonehenge, is located precisely at its centre. The discovery is all the more extraordinary because it offers the first evidence that the early inhabitants of Britain, mainly farming communities, had developed a way to count. Constructing something of this size with such careful positioning of its features could only have been done by tracking hundreds of paces.   

That wraps up this week’s topic for discussion and I am sure we will return when more newsworthy stories come to light that we are both interested in. 

‘Thing’ Of The Week

Of course, the ‘Thing’ Of The Week segment returns this week where each of us will choose their favourite thing that we have seen over the week. This could be absolutely anything ranging from a product, food, architect etc. that has stuck in our minds. Most probably our ‘thing’ of the week will be utterly useless to yourself, but you never know. 

This week Hayden’s Thing Of The Week was: 

“Paddle Boarding” 

There are many iterations of paddle boarding but the one that we were discussing is stand up paddleboarding, also known as “SUPPING”. It is a rather new sport and is a synergy between surfing and kayaking and can be conducted on most water bodies such as oceans, rivers and lakes. 

It is rather easy to grasp and is suitable for all fitness levels. It is also seen as a full-body workout and improves your balance so it is fun as well as being good for your body and mind. 

I’m sure you can get involved wherever you live and myself and Hayden highly recommend it. 

Moving on, my Thing Of The Week was: 


This weeks ‘Thing’ is a teaching taken from the book that I am reading at the moment – The Art Of Resilience by Ross Edgley. I have mentioned the book in a previous episode and I highly recommend it. 

In essence, Ross writes about ‘The Power Of Journaling’. He states that journaling is a shared habit that all stoics had in common. He describes people like Socrates from Ancient Greece as stoics of history. They all took the time to document their daily thoughts, feelings and theories with ‘constant and continual reflection and self-improvement’. He sees the act of journaling as more than just keeping a diary. It’s a daily practice in philosophy as you reflect on the days that have passed and prepare for those ahead. 

This week I feel as though I have taken this lesson on board and I am trying to create a daily journal in the productivity system, Notion. We shall see how this goes and whether it will become a daily habit. 

I have included a link to the book below if you fancy grabbing a copy for yourself. 

I hope that the show notes have provided that further layer of communication between the two of us and you, our listeners, by providing additional information, but I’m sure it won’t beat listening to us chat away first hand. We hope that you enjoyed listening and will consider subscribing and making the Discussed It podcast a part of your weekly routine. 

I also highly recommend checking out last week’s episode after listening to this week as we invited our very second guest, Oliver Pritchard who is a deaf individual that is seeing great success in his sport – triathlon. A highly interesting individual with a range of topics discussed which will prove valuable to all. The link to that particular episode is linked below. 

Cheers to exciting times, happy listening! 

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