Blog Post #015 – The Power Of Habits

Advice, Architecture School, Life in General, Podcast

I decided to write briefly about the power of habits this week. This blog post is inspired by something that Kyle Sinko touched upon in our interview with him on my new podcast, Discussed It. If you want to give that episode a listen or any other episodes at that follow the links below. 

In short, what Kyle spoke about was the importance of maintaining good habits throughout your life and he imparted upon us how crucial habits are when studying architecture at university. Myself and Hayden Day, my co-host are both heading to architecture school soon so this very concept will be useful to us. However, I believe that the concept can be applied in another circumstance and is most definitely not reserved just for architecture school. 

The concept is simply:

‘When successfully carrying out a good habit you take one step forward, but every time you unsuccessfully carry out that habit you take three steps back.’ 

The idea behind is that with every success the gains are very incremental but with failure, its effects are greater felt. For example, if you told yourself that you are going to exercise every day for a week and did so on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday but failed to do so on Thursday the three figurative points that you had gained are now obsolete and it takes longer to get back to where you were. 

In short, the message that Kyle was trying to get across is that consistency is key and good habits are forged over long periods and perseverance. 

It is a slightly confusing concept but one I am trying to put into action as I feel that when I fall out of a habit for a short period it feels much harder to get back into it than if I had just kept on going. 

Another way to look at it is by looking at the image at the top of the post of a ripple effect in water. You can imagine that consistent habits are from one ripple moving outwards but when that habit is missed or ended the ripple stops and it must be started again rather than just continuing.

I hope that this post makes you think about the things that you want to work on and improve upon. Make a list perhaps and try and formulate a plan as to how you will attack these weaknesses daily or weekly or even monthly but whatever it is just try and remain as consistent as possible. 

Good luck! 

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