Blog Post #016 – Results Day

Advice, Architecture School, Education, Life in General

My results day is upon us! Today, on the 6th of July, I will receive a series of numbers that have governed all that I have done over the last two years and will dictate the path that I take from now.

And the strangest thing about it all is the way that my sixth form experience ended without any examinations and all the celebrations that come along with finishing school forever. My grades will come down to a calculated grade that takes in consideration my coursework and my predicted grades which means it is difficult to try and judge how well you have done, unlike the immediate response you get once you leave an exam hall. However, I feel as though I have come to the point where I accept what has happened and am grateful that I worked as hard as I did in my coursework portions rather than depending on the written exam section. 

My heart goes out to everyone who is in the same situation and I hope we all get what we hope to. I have been reminded by people close to me that these numbers will not define what I can do in life and that is the same for anyone. 

I’ll finish off this post with this quote which I will keep in mind whilst I open up my results. 

“Everything happens for a reason. Don’t question it, trust it.” 

Good luck everyone!

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