Blog post #018 – The Power Of Journaling

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In today’s blog post I decided to share a teaching that I have taken from the book that I am reading at the moment. That book is the Art Of Resilience by Ross Edgley. I have spoken about Ross and his books on the podcast before and I am a follower of his work ever since his Great British Swim. 

The teaching that I am going to discuss today is one that Ross calls ‘The Power Of Journaling’. He says that the act of journaling is a shared habit that all stoics had in common. Ross suggests people like Socrates and Arelius from Ancient Greece are part of this group of so-called ‘stoics’. Ross states that they all took the time to document their daily thoughts, feelings and theories ‘with constant and continual reflection and self-improvement’. 

Ross presents these questions to ask yourself whilst journalling:

  • What bad habit did I curb today?
  • How am I better?
  • Were my actions just?
  • How can I improve?

The act of journaling is more than keeping a diary. It’s a daily practice in philosophy as you reflect on the days that have passed and prepare for those ahead. And this is something that I am trying to bring into my own life and trying to experiment whether this practice is something that I can sustain and proves useful. Perhaps you can give it a go, it is always worth a try. 

Happy journaling. 

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