Blog Post #026 – My Experience Of Freshers’ Week

Architecture School, Education, Life in General

Freshers’ Week 2020 is like none that has ever come before. And, if only that was because it was going to be bigger and better than ever. Due to the COVID, 19 pandemic that has shaken the globe over the last 6 months university students experiences will be very different.

I am speaking as a student is going through this right now. Last week, I arrived in Nottingham to start my 3 years BArch in Architecture. With a car packed full of everything that I outlined in blog post #021 and much more that I missed off the list. Donning my medical mask I get to grips with my new halls of residence, get to meet my housemates and then head off to the shop to stock up on supplies, wearing my mask of course.

Mask wearing is just one of the changes that have been implemented at the university. I do feel that as this is my first year at university so I have nothing to compare the experience to which I think is personally a good thing. However, it has become harder to meet new people outside of your bubbles made up of flatmates or people in your course due to social distancing and the stipulation that you must sit in tables of 6.

Despite all the negativity surrounding the university experience, I enjoyed my freshers week. I got to know my flatmates quickly as well as meeting people from my course. We also managed to get out into the city centre to a few freshers’ events before the 10 pm curfew came in. The highlight of the week was probably going to the Bierkeller which was a fun venue despite the social distancing and tables of 6.

Another thing that I enjoyed over freshers’ week was getting my sports membership, throughout lockdown no leisure facilities were open so I missed going to the gym and getting in the pool. So, I am motivated to make a good habit and stick to a routine of physical exercise. I think this will be important to support my mental and physical health during my university course which is renowned for being time-consuming and stressful.

On the whole, I am enjoying the experience and I am looking forward to seeing what the course brings.

This has just been a reflection post that I feel is capturing a point in my life that I will look back on as an important moment. Now that I have started architecture school my posts will naturally take a shift towards that subject and I am looking forward to writing about my experiences.

To exciting futures.

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