Blog Post #28 – Reflections & Priorities

Architecture School, Education, Life in General

It’s been a while since I’ve put pen to paper and written something for this blog and it feels like an old friend greeting me as I start to do it again. During the summer lockdown of 2020, I found great joy in writing weekly and getting content out there. I think it did me a great deal of good, firstly alleviating some of the boredom I was experiencing and secondly it lead me to realise that putting yourself out there is not as bad as first expected and people seemed to like what I was writing, or at least I think so!

2021 is looking like a brighter year and I am looking forward to what it will bring, however, I will always be thankful for 2020 and despite the negatives, good really did come out of it for me. The end of 2020 saw me start my journey to become an architect and I now have my first semester under my belt. It was a truly inspiring experience and reinforced my love for architecture. The long nights and hard did not seem like a chore as I was creatively stimulated and genuinely interested throughout. It did however consume me slightly which led to me tailing off in my alternative creative outlets such as this blog and the podcast (Discussed It).

However, over the Christmas break, I was able to look back on that first semester and reflect. Time management and planning is crucial and I want to try and balance my life a little better and bring together all the things I love to do to allow for a far more holistic and sustainable university experience, one of those things being sleep!

This is just me looking back and looking forward, writing and podcast episodes will now sit at the forefront of my mind from now on and you can look forward to me rambling on in the written form fortnightly with a new blog post every other Monday. The other Monday’s a new episode of the Discussed It podcast will be released where Hayden Day and I discuss all there is and invite guests on for insightful and interesting conversations!

I hope everyone has a good start to 2021 so far and I hope it pans out the way you hope it to, we all deserve it!

It’s good to be back!

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